Our Story

Process-driven solutions for your business's delectable taste.

We at Squad, believe that improving business processes is akin to baking a pie.

Not as easy maybe, but the end result is almost the same, in that it leaves you satisfied and content with the results, knowing that the improved processes will ensure repeatable, smooth and consistent business operations.

Improving business operations (Baking) is a process that we will help you to master, so as to always get that consistent end result (divine tasting pie). We will get all your processes (ingredients) in place, make sure that they are all connected (mixed to the finest quality) and integrated (in the right proportions). We will then test and run a pilot program (preheat the oven to the apt temperature) and get your approval (taste the pie). All this and more will be done to guarantee that every time you execute a business process (bite into the pie) you will always get that flawless, end to end smooth operation and result (great taste with nothing left to chance).

Want to taste success?

Bite into our proven and tested solutions across industries and hundreds of clients. Our solutions are tailor made to meet your business's specific needs (delectable taste). It is our business to make your business successful (yummy) leaving your customers fully satisfied (smacking their lips) and to keep coming for more.

At Squad, we believe in understanding your business needs in entirety and delivering enterprise consultancy and CRM solutions with a focus on three critical aspects.

Your Industry, Your Goals, Your Challenges

about us

We help you resolve your business challenges with short term as well as long term solutions around best practices.

The Squad

Our passionate and vibrant team of professionals bring expertise in addressing business needs of strategy scripting, design and implementation in order to enhance, upgrade and maintain processes. We serve your business with acumen and technical expertise drawn from our deep insights and understanding. We whip up world-class client-centric solutions backed up by our unparalleled industry reputation garnered over the years.

Our impassioned squad employs latest technology to serve as an extended arm of your organisation. We are committed to walking along with you on your journey towards achieving your goals and vision. Based on our in-depth understanding of the nuances of change management we train, enable and equip your staff with the necessary tools for seamless, effective and efficient adaptation and implementation.

Our team of certified professionals have helped clients run successful projects with measurable financial returns.