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Our business intelligence, analytics tools and solutions empowers you to turn data into insights and action. They enable your team to outsmart and out-deliver competitors, while proactively addressing customer needs.


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Our Services

Baking that sumptuous pie takes some groundwork, a charted-out preparation plan involving selecting the right quality ingredients and putting it all together. Likewise, the journey to meeting your business goals requires planning, groundwork and meticulously laid out processes.

We at Squad thrive on processes. Our well laid out plans include an array of services which are tailor made to hand hold you on your path to business success. Engaging with you, your organisation and your team members, we make an effort to understand your business from the inside. Having assessed your business needs we whip up custom made solutions ranging from migration, mobility to business intelligence analytics ensuring that all processes along the lead to cash cycles are suitably managed and energised. And yes, we make sure that the most vital resource; human asset is deftly managed to accept and propel these changes be it your employees, vendors or associates.

Business Consulting

We recommend the right blend of technology, strategy and operational processes for your Organization and help you achieve your goals to deliver a significant improvement in the areas of Cost, Service and Quality.

We at Squad have helped various organizations to accomplish operational alignment of people, process and technology through a complete process re-engineering that aligns with new business software. Sound operational models streamline workflows, eliminate redundancies and have a positive impact on your bottom line. Squad takes a holistic approach to create customised business solutions from the initial stage of lead generation to the final step of cash realization.

Implementation Services

We offer comprehensive and seamless solutions for implementing CRM and Business Management processes ensuring:

Agility in implementing in least possible time
Reducing risks
Maximizing the ROI

Onsite/Offshore Activities

We offer onshore as well as off-shore consultations through one-on-one interactions. We work closely with our clients during due diligence and transition to define, measure and identify opportunities to improve service quality.

We assure that our model way of working will transform how you view collaborations.

Customer Portals

Engaging Portal capabilities tools, we offer expertise in web engagement and CMS frameworks with an integrated bundle of web portal solutions that add sophisticated content management, knowledge and case management, and opportunity management. Our portal add-on services can help set up an interactive, web-based sales, services, support and social engagement application platform to engage with communities, manage portal content, and empower your channel partners.


In today's fast paced world, mobility gives you that much needed edge. We help facilitate access to real-time data for your sale representatives wherever and whenever, never missing out on a crucial prospect meet-up and ensuring successful deal closure. The mobility features enable them to access and update critical customer and other sales related information while on the run.

Business Intelligence

We offer end-to-end business analytics tools that provide insights through the length and breadth of your organisation, enabling you to access scores of data and streamline preparation of data powering an in-depth analysis that saves precious time and empowers you with prudent timely decision making. We create personalised dashboards with a unique and real time 360 degree view of your business metrics.

Data Migration & Application Integration

To ensure smooth migration of data to your new CRM system, our team of qualified professionals deploy the ETL process. We help you migrate your data to new CRM systems through a seamless, comprehensive transition program of extract, transform and load. Proper extraction of data and its restructuring and integrating it with the new framework makes the information easier to maintain and allows for much more meaningful reporting.

Product Platforms

Our focus is on delivering Business Management and CRM Solutions that can be easily embraced by your teams, ensuring a smooth transition to manage your customers better through cutting-edge technology driven IT platforms.

We are authorized business partners of radical Business Management and CRM software solutions platforms serving as their highly-valued System Integrators and Value Added Re-sellers. Our vibrant team of certified consultants have undergone extensive sales, marketing and technical support training in these platforms to customise business solutions to ensure seamless integration of these products to address varied and specific needs of our clients. A concrete step towards our vison.

Sage CRM

Easy to use and quick to deploy in the cloud or on premise, Sage CRM delivers a rapid return on investment and positively impacts your business. Easily adaptable to your organization's requirements with its salient feature of Customer Portal and flexibility with APIs it helps in saving time and money, both now and in the future by allowing you to collaborate all your touch-points at one place. We help you get the most from your CRM investment and accelerate your business growth.

With it's vast customer base of over 6.3 million around the world and a direct presence in 24 countries, you can be assured of support wherever you operate.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can capture new opportunities across your business by bringing people, data, and processes together via an intelligent cloud applications that unify CRM and ERP capabilities to help you run your business end to end. It powers your capabilities of engaging customers, empowering employees, optimization of operations and transformation of products. It's that one tool your business needs to transform your business and tune it to meet the changing needs of your customers.

Dynamics Sales

With Dynamics 365 for Sales, not just keep up with the expectations of your customers, exceed them. Let it empower you with a deeper, better understanding of your customer's requirements leading to higher engagement levels and customer delight. Built-in intelligence provides the necessary guidance and recommendations driving your sales closure. Find and connect with the right buyers and grow sales relationships by combining LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 for Sales. It also enables you to seamlessly connect your business process data with Office 365 and LinkedIn data, hereby streamlining your sales process journey on the go. Sales performances can be viewed and monitored via historical and predictive data-driven analytics dashboards

Dynamics Customer Service

Dynamics Customer Service allows you to meet the high expectations of your customers by enabling your team to resolve their queries via a channel of their choice, that too on the go. It lends you an edge for delivering exceptional customer service though intelligence-driven faster and personalised service capabilities adding value to every interaction.

Dynamics PSA

Let Dynamics PSA help you foster a trusted relationship with your customers via delivering outstanding project experiences. It enables you in planning and delivering financially attractive, customer centric projects within time and budget with a focus on increasing employee productivity. It also facilitates deployment of right resources on the right projects keeping utilization high. Its intuitive and collaborative tools help your team perform their best while delivering projects.

Dynamics Field Service

Dynamics Field Service helps delivering seamless, end-to-end service experience with its intel driven pre-emptive service issues resolve capabilities. It thereby results in reduction of operational costs and delivery of positive onsite experiences. One can automate and improve scheduling to dispatch the right technician and get the most value out of your resources. It further augments the 360-degree view of your customers enabling your technicians to improve resolution time via real-time guidance. Delivering exceptional customer satisfaction has never been so easy before.

Microsoft NAV

Microsoft NAV is an easily adaptable enterprise resource planning solution which can help your business automate and achieve more in as it connects your sales, purchasing, operations, accounting and inventory management. Microsoft Dynamics NAV empowers your employees to be more effective as it smoothens the flow of information across your organisation via one centralized database.

MS Power BI

Power BI is a suite of elegant end-to-end business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization, connecting you to hundreds of data sources, simplifying data prep and driving ad hoc analysis helping you take back hours in your busy day. It empowers you to create personalized dashboards with a unique 360-degree view of your business metrics that too real time.


Odoo is an all-in-one management software that offers a range of business applications forming a complete suite of enterprise management tools to accompany any business need. Odoo is a business software that is intuitive, fully-featured, tightly integrated, effortless to upgrade, all while running smoothly for every business, every user.The flexibility of Odoo allows you to add apps according to the growth of your company, adding one app at a time as per your needs and your growing customer base.